Sphinx Knowledge Base Tool -- VERSION 3

This is the new version of the lmtool!    FAQ

Changes should be transparent (unless you automate, see note below).
Problems? Please help by sending a report to the maintainer.

Builds a consistent set of lexical and language modeling files for Sphinx (and compatible) decoders.

To use, create a sentence corpus file, consisting of all sentences you would like the decoder to recognize. The sentences should be one to a line (but do not need to have standard punctuation). You may not need to exhastively list all possible sentences: the decoder will allow fragments to recombine into new sentences.

Sentence corpus file:

The new version of lmtool has been reorganized internally to make use of the Logios package. This will make lmtool easier to maintain in the future and will allow it to take advantage of ongoing development in Logios. These changes should be transparent to regular users. Please give it a try. If you have any problems, or discover bugs, let the maintainer know. If things look good (i.e., I stop getting bug reports) this will become the standard version.

NOTE: If you have automated the use of this tool you will need to update your code. The main difference is that the name of the target script has changed. The old script will still be available so nothing will break immediately, but it's unlikely to continue to be maintained. Also, file links are no longer tagged in the html. Please let me know if you make use of this feature and I'll find a fix.

Alex Rudnicky