Sphinx Knowledge Base Tool

Create a consistent set of acoustic, lexical and language modeling files for the Sphinx-II decoder.

Note! This tool no longer produces .phone and .map files. These are now considered obsolete (i.e., you should use the ones associated with the standard acoustic model distribution). So, all this tool will give you is a pronouncing dictionary (old phone set). You should really be using this tool for all your needs.

This is a part of the Sphinx Knowledge Tools

Enter the paths to an exception dictionary and language model. The script will extract the vocabulary from the language model (.lm) file, but use the entries in the .handdict file to override the standard pronunciation algorithm (otherwise available through Pronunciation).

If you don't already have a language model, you should be using this tool. If you just want a language model, you can use the facility in Language Modeling.

Exception Dictionary (.handdict) file: (optional)

Language Model (.lm) file:

Alex Rudnicky

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