Sphinx knowledge base tools


Builds a language model and generates a dictionary from an input text.


Logios provides tools for creating Sphinx decoder configurations from a Phoenix grammar. Logios is best suited for projects (such as dialog systems) for which a true corpus does not exist but for which it's netyheless necessary to define a user language. The Logios package is available from SourceForge. This tool accesses the pronunciation component of Logios.


LexTool allows you to upload word lists and creates pronunciations.
Language Factory
A set of tools for creating dictionaries, language models and for conditioning text corpora.

Sphinx Configuration

Decoder Configurer (a)
Creates Sphinx lexical and language models from a sentence corpus provided by the user. Suitable for use with all Sphinx variants.
Decoder Configurer (b)
Creates Sphinx 2 acoustic maps and lexical models from an (existing) language model.
NOTE: this service is essentially obsolete.
You should upgrade your installation to Pocketsphinx. Sphinx 2 is no longer actively maintained.

Alex Rudnicky